Politica della Qualità

Emmeci Service/Quality policy

EMMECI SERVICE S.r.l. is a service company operating in the field of low and medium voltage plants. Since 1992 it has been helping its customers to face the problems related to the verification and updating of its plants with the aim of minimizing the direct economic burden of the intervention – and indirect – costs related to safety and plant downtime

The primary purpose of EMMECI SERVICE S.r.l. is to identify and satisfy, to the best of its potential, the requests and needs of its customers related to the replacement of MT circuit-breakers worn with new ones, with performances even higher than those of the original equipment, returning and improving the system reliability and the degree of active and passive safety.

To this end, EMMECI SERVICE S.r.l. offers an integrated design, procurement, production and testing service, as well as the availability of a Management System with guaranteed reliability of the predefined quality level. All this in accordance with the market demand and in full respect of the environment, with a view to strong integration and stable collaboration both with suppliers and with customers.

To manage its activities in an organic and structured way, the company has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) in accordance with ISO 9001: 2015 and certified by DNV.

Constant commitment for EMMECI SERVICE is to pursue the company’s long-term development through:

  • Continuous improvement of the risk profile by increasing combinations between products, markets and technologies;
  • Satisfaction of customer expectations;
  • The satisfaction of the expectations of the members;
  • The ability to attract and satisfy qualified personnel;
  • The ability to ensure suitable working conditions to ensure effective prevention and maximum protection against accidents and occupational diseases;
  • The adoption of tools for the analysis of accidents and near misses order to identify the causes and prevent their repetition;
  • Complete compliance with current national and regional laws and any eventualities contractual environmental and safety requirements signed by the company.